RailsThemes was a theming service for Rails applications, with beautiful designs sliced into valid HTML/CSS, customized for Rails with a 1-step command-line installer.

Unfortunately, other commitments have made it impossible for us to continue working on the themes to bring them up to date for Rails 4.2 and (upcoming) Rails 5. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to stop selling themes entirely.


If you purchased a theme in the past and need help reinstalling it, contact Eliza directly for assistance in accessing the necessary files.

The Team

Many thanks are due to the team that worked with us on RailsThemes:

Eliza Brock

Eliza is a Rails developer from Nashville, TN. She started Eliza Brock Software, a software engineering firm.

Find her online:

Anthony Panozzo

Anthony is a Rails developer, too. He lives in San Francisco and heads up Repeatable Ventures, "yet another Rails consulting firm".

Find him online:

Luke Flener

Luke Flener is a designer from Nashville, TN. He runs Prolific, a brand and web design firm.

Find him online:

Marilyn Franklin

Marilyn is a Rails developer in Nashville, TN.

Drew Butler

Drew Butler is a Rails developer in Nashville. He served as a front-end development instructor at the Nashville Software School.

Find him online:

Henry Burton

Henry Burton is the marketing tentacle with a technological eye, Predators super-fan and craft-beer aficionado!

Find him online:

Shay Narang

Shay is a Rails developer in Nashville, TN. He graduated from Nashville Software School.

Find him online:

Cody Spriggs

Cody is a Rails developer based in Nashville, TN and graduate of the Nashville Software School. He is a recovering touring musician and avid fan of zombies.

Find him online: