Flat Rails Dashboard Theme

Unique Flat Dashboard Theme


Flat is a premium responsive Admin Theme using latest Bootstrap 4 framework. This flat admin theme comes with unique dashboard style, pages packed with hundreds of ui components varying from forms, tables, charts, modals and much more..

Ruby on Rails Highlights

  • Quick Integration Guide
  • Rails Asset Pipeline
  • Rails Views/Partials (.html.erb)
  • Rails Layout Partials
  • Devise Gem Views

UI Features

  • Bootstrap 4.4.1 framework
  • Complete UI packs
  • Calendar App with drag & drop events
  • Drag and Drop component
  • Vector Map components
  • Projects, Trello (drag & drop), Chat & Calendar Apps
  • Customized Line, Bar, Area & Donut Charts
  • 100+ ui components
  • Fully responsive
  • LTR & RTL alignment
  • Valid html

Free Updates

We’ll be adding amazing updates with new features and fixes regularly!

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